Atteberry Smith
COMMUNICATION is the key to a successful project. At every step of the process we will work together to find the appropriate fit of customization, design and budget; our reputation and your investment depend upon uncompromising communication.

Our initial meeting will be at your house where we will listen to you and understand how you and your family will live with your new kitchen, bath, or library.

This meeting will also consist of note taking, rough sketching, and additional fact-finding. We will discuss appliances, stone, architectural styles, color pallet and overall budgets.

All this information will be used to create your initial presentation.


We meet again to review floor plans and elevations. If needed, we will do more sketching in the meeting until you like an idea.

If the direction is agreed upon, a budget is presented with room to allow for product selection. A retainer fee is collected based upon the overall budget.


During this meeting we review formal studies (dimensions and perspectives) of your space. The goal is to get you to see space as we see it.

We will also define the needed functionality and location of your appliances. If needed, we will do more sketches and continue the process until we create the space you love!


In this presentation the Final Drawings are reviewed. Allowances will be made in your contract for counters, lighting, hardware, faucets, and all accessories.

We will review final pricing and in conclusion to this meeting, we will send the plans to our cabinet-makers. A second payment will also be due at this time to get started.


Our field team will communicate with you several weeks ahead to discuss schedules, times that we are allowed to work and how we will interact with your home and family. Our cabinet fitters and artisans are highly skilled and are always sensitive to working within your home.

Your project will be delivered and installation will begin. Installation of the countertops, hardware and final carpentry will complete the kitchen, bath, closet or library to your expectations.

Everyone at Atteberry Smith is dedicated to making your experience enjoyable and your investment sound. We are proud that our projects live in towns and cities, cabins and summer cottages, wherever our customers call HOME!